The St. Dennis Missions project was founded in January of 2013 by a group of parishioners from St. Mary’s Parish in West Point NE. The plight of the students and families of St. Dennis was brought to our attention by our dear friend Father Ssengendo Francis of Uganda.  He has visited West Point several times in the past 7 years and in our time together we have come to know him and to know a little about his people. It is because of this knowledge that we feel privileged to be in a position to help. We are Christians trying to live out our Christian values…we are all called to see the face of God in everyone we meet.

   Many of the children that attend the St. Dennis School in Nkumba Village are orphans and have lost one or both parents to the deadly AIDS virus. Studies have shown that if the children are educated at least through 7th grade they are 40% less likely to contract the deadly virus themselves. The schools struggle with providing the essentials for the children so our mission project focuses on their educational and nutritional needs. We are providing financial support for the lunch program at the school, however with increased enrollment, more dollars are needed. We have raised funds to build a new school building for the students and a new quarters to house the teachers, who are over-burdened and under-paid. They have quickly out-grown the newest school building so our next project is to build and additional one. Our goal is to empower the children of Nkumba Village and to keep them in school. We believe the solution to their challenges is “liberation through education”.  Through the grace of God and with our financial support, we are hoping that one day they can provide for themselves.

  We are  prayerfully asking for your help. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please be assured that every penny donated will go directly to the St. Dennis Mission project. The funds will be administered through our West Point, NE core group.  Donation information is at the bottom of this page. 

The New St. Dennis School building

"There is a Way" 

This video shows some of the conditions that exist at the St. Dennis school.

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New Teacher's Quarters

Students in front of their new school

"Beautiful City"

This is a video shows the progress that's been made on this project. 

St Dennis students with shirts given to them by students from

 Guardian Angels Central Catholic in West Point, NE


Join Us

We are starting our organization full of hope and faith...we do what we can and leave the rest to God. He will lead us. The people in Uganda need liberation. That liberation is education. If the students graduate and there is no work, they will at least have developed the skills to bring about a revolution..they will change their situation by force. It will take time and sacrifice.  Sometimes we change people's lives just by giving them food to eat if that is their immediate challenge. We live for a short while and we have to utilize the short life that God has given us to do as much as good as possible without counting the cost. We feel that we can give these kids hope and possibility instead of the usual situation of povery and despair.

To find out how to contribute, please contact: 

Diane Leffler 

500 S. Niphon St. West Point, NE 68788  


Checks can be made out to St. Mary's African Mission and sent to the address above.

 For on-going monthly contributions, see Electronic Funds Transfer form below. Please mail to Diane Leffler at the address above. 

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