*Liberation and Empowerment through Education*


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

                                                                                                                                                                                     Nelson Mandela

The Mission of the St. Dennis Project

·       Completing the 6-classroom block. Parents and volunteers have tried to work on this for over ten years!

·       Providing furniture in the new block

·       Provision of food and scholastic materials and uniforms to pupils

·       Building teachers’ houses

·       Building better sanitation facilities

·       Supporting some pupils who have excelled after primary education to join and attend secondary school. The teachers will help to recommend those on merit.

·       New class rooms and furniture to improve the image of the school

·       Improving staff salaries and motivation


·       Tuition fees for talented children who excel after primary education. The school administration will decide which pupils deserve this support.

Future Plans

·        A Technical school for the students to learn a trade.

Nkumba village: the major challenges are:

·       Lack of proper parenting due to loss of parents at an early age especially due to HIV/AIDS

·       High school dropout rate especially for girls; the number that drops out of school systems every year is usually larger than 2/5 of the total enrollment

·       Lack of employment opportunities due to lack of practical/technical skills

·       The general situation of poverty all over Uganda and Africa as a whole

·       Lack of motivation and a general tendency of purposelessness

·       Lack of entrepreneurial skills

·       Poor sanitation

·       Malnutrition

·       Some children stay out of school simply due to poverty and ignorance

The effects of the above challenges are:

·       Drug-abuse, especially among boys

·       A high level of unemployment

·       A big burden of dependency on relatives and grandparents on meager resources--For most of these families, there is ONLY one meal a day

·       Early marriages

·       Juvenile delinquency

·       A situation of purposelessness and despair, hence, a lack of responsible decision making regarding family life and parenting. Family planning is poor and there is failure to support children in school

St. Dennis Kigero Primary School

·       Founded about 75 years ago by missionaries.

·       Built using simple materials that have been weakened over the years.

·       All the old buildings are in extreme poor condition and have already become a big risk to the life of the pupils and teachers. There is urgent need to build new and stronger ones.

·       The accommodations are very poor for the teachers. There are only two poor houses for four teachers, each teacher living in one room. The rest stay outside the school. The pay for teachers and staff is very poor which promotes low motivation.

·       There are no toilets, no sinks! Pit latrines are used.

·       Poor parents who cannot afford to pay for tuition, food and scholastic materials for their children.